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Building Dreams

Categories: Design | Posted: March 12, 2015

Thanks to the invention of Pintrest and Houzz, people are able to easily specify what they are looking for in their dream home.

What makes a dream home? At 3 Pillar Homes we believe that a dream home is one that has the best fit, function, finish, and feel for your family. To us, a dream home is not defined by the amount of options and upgrades you put into it, but one that gives you the feeling of “home” as soon as you walk through the door.

3 Pillar Homes

3 Pillar Homes is a custom builder, so custom that sometimes clients do not know where to begin. If you haven’t discussed what you are looking for in detail with your family it can be hard to articulate your desires. Pintrest and Houzz provides potential homeowners the opportunity to find creative ways to achieve their desires. We have had past homeowners actually bring in pictures they found on these websites to help illustrate what they wanted in their homes.

Kitchen photographs are easily one of the most popular categories.  Because in many cases, the kitchen is the heart of the home. We have also been known to add a door hidden behind bookshelves, and barn doors in the foyers. Sometimes it goes beyond small touches here and there, expanding to affect the entire floor plan or the front elevation.  Start with your “must-haves” and go from there!

3 Pillar Homes Parade

Both websites and mobile apps are so easy to use, why wouldn’t you start following 3 Pillar Homes on Pintrest and Houzz to start planning YOUR dream home?


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